The “Mittelbau” of Psychology

Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Who is the so-called "Mittelbau"?

The "Mittelbau" includes all faculty of the Institute of Psychology below the rank of professors (i.e., department chairs), who are responsible for teaching and research.”


There are two representatives of the Mittelbau as well as one deputy representative:

  • Katharina Eckstein
  • Louisa Arnold
  • Thomas Weiß

They represent the interests of Mittelbau members on the institutional board and serve as contact persons for all questions and concerns regarding the Mittelbau. The representatives are elected every other year.

Mailing list

The official mailing list of the Mittelbau enables you to contact all members ( New members can sign up onlineExternal link. Upon request, any messages from non-members of the mailing list will be forwarded by the Mittelbau representatives.