Our Team

The Team of BPCN
Foto: Anne Günther (Universität Jena)

Prof. Gyula Kovács

Foto: G. Kovacs

Head of Dept. Biological Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences 

My research is about how the cerebral cortex mediates cognitive experiences. The main focus is on object recognition, face, shape and object processing of the central visual pathways in humans...

Susann Houben

Foto: S. Houben

Team Assistant 

Contact person for all questions about the chair and Prof. Gyula Kovács' team.

Dr. Lars Rogenmoser

Foto: Lars Rogenmoser

Habilitation Candidate 

I study the auditory system across the lifespan and its connections to neuroplasticity and advanced cognitive functions, including emotional responses. I'm also dedicated to conducting clinically relevant research to enhance hearing health. To do so, I use a multidisciplinary approach involving various neuroimaging techniques.

Linda Ficco

Linda Ficco
Foto: Linda Ficco

PhD Student

My research project investigates the effect of face typicality, its interaction with predictability, and the extent to which individual differences in typicality processing contribute to individual face recognition abilities. I use behavioural measures, functional magnetic resonance imagine and electroencephalography to answer these questions.

Saskia Brummer

Brain KL
Foto: BPCN

Research Assistant

András Sárközy 

Brain KL
Foto: BPCN

PhD student