Examinations comittee
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Examinations Comittee

The institute council elects an examination committee that organizes the examinations and other assignments that emerge from the examination regulations. It consists of five members: Three full professors of the institute of psychology, one delegate of the academic staff and one diploma student.

These are the five member at the moment:

The examination committee is responsible for the observance of examination regulations and rules on appeals against decisions that have been made during examination procedures. The examination committee reports to the institute council about its activities at the beginning of the academic year and can make suggestions regarding subject requirements and examination regulations.

They can also give detailed information about the composition of grades. The examination committee can transfer its tasks to its chairman, with the exception of appeals against examination procedures.

The examination committee can make decisions when more than half of its members are present and when more than half of the present members are professors.

The members of the examination committee have the right to be present at examinations.

The members of the examination committee, the examiners and other persons who are present during an examination underlay a pledge of professional secrecy. If they are not in public service the chairman takes their pledge of secrecy.

The examination committee appoints the examiner and his assistants. The chairman can carry out the appointment on behalf of the examination committee and makes sure that the candidates know the names of the examiners at least 14 days before the examination period starts.