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Educational psychology focuses on processes of socialization and education in institutional and non-institutional contexts. Applied perspectives include preventive interventions as well as support in situations of socialization problems, namely counceling.

Our curriculum is designed to, on the one hand, give an overview of the field of educational psychology and, on the other hand, to provide opportunities for in-depth studies of theory and research on learning and the acquisition of knowledge, socialization in the family, and adult education and self-regulated learning. Applied perspectives are addressed in classes on, e.g., instructional strategies, and counceling. In empirical classes, small groups of students become familiar with specific topics and develop research questions that are pursued in empirical studies.

Our research addresses school-based conditions of learning and individual development as well as the development of close relations and socialization. Cases in point are studies on associations between experiences in school and intergroup tolerance among adolescents, and on the development of parent relationships during early adulthood.