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Research / Projects

DFG-Project: Dynamics of implicit motives in intimate relationships (since 2016)

Birk Hagemeyer, Sebastian Pusch & Felix D. Schönbrodt (LMU Munich)

DFG-Project: Achievement imagery of children's books and school textbooks and (academic) performance] (since 2015)

Stefan Engeser

DFG-long-term-project PAIRFAM - Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (since 2014)

Christine Finn & Franz J. Neyer

DFG-Project: PIRATS - Personality, Identity, and Relationship Experiences in Adolescent Trajectories (since 2013)

Henriette Greischel, Franz J. Neyer & Peter Noack

DFG-Research network: Psychometry of implicit motives (since 2013)

Felix Schönbrodt (LMU München) & Birk Hagemeyer

KOMPASS (since 2012)

Andreas Beelmann, Thomas Kessler, Franz J. Neyer, Peter Noack, Klaus Rothermund, Elisabeth Schubach, Melanie Steffens & Julia Zimmermann

(funded by the Thüringer Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur - TMBWK)

DFG-Project: Cooperation between people: Facial and interactional signals as coordination devices (since 2012)

Stefanie Hechler, Franz J. Neyer & Thomas Kessler

DFG-Project: Personality Development at the Midlife Transition (since 2011)

Marcus Mund & Franz J. Neyer

DFG-Project: Distance Regulation in Partner Relationships (2007-2011)

Birk Hagemeyer & Franz J. Neyer (FSU Jena), Jens Asendorpf & Wiebke Neberich (HU Berlin)

PEDES - Personality Development of Sojourners (since 2009)

Julia Zimmermann & Franz J. Neyer

VIP - Variation in information processing in romantic partnerships (since 2009)

Christine Finn, Kristin Mitte & Franz J. Neyer

Successful Ageing: Personality and New Technologies (since 2007)

Anne Forberg & Franz J. Neyer

(Cooperation with the Lower Saxony Research Network on the Design of Environments for Ageing)