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Mobilität und Identität

Andreas Beelmann, Thomas Kessler, Franz J. Neyer, Peter Noack, Klaus Rothermund, Elisabeth Schubach, Melanie Steffens & Julia Zimmermann

Spatiotemporal mobility - the permanent or temporal, voluntary or forced change of residence - constitutes extensive challenges and opportunities to individual life plans in the 21st century. Mobility experiences may either enrich or challenge individual identities. At the same time, identity may determine whether individuals engage in mobility experiences or not. However, until today the psychological conditions and consequences of spatiotemporal mobility have hardly ever been researched. With the current project we aim to provide the scientific fundament for a research program that systematically investigates mobility from the perspectives of developmental, social and personality psychology. The project is funded by the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, und Kultur (TMBWK). Several chairs at the Institute of Psychology at FSU Jena are involved and focus on either developmental (Prof. Dr. Andreas Beelmann, Prof. Dr. Peter Noack, Prof. Dr. Klaus Rothermund), social (Prof. Dr. Thomas Kessler, Prof. Dr. Melanie Steffens) or personality (Prof. Dr. Franz J. Neyer) related issues of the overall topic.


Schubach, E., Zimmermann, J., Noack, P., & Neyer, F. J. (2016). Me, Myself, and Mobility: The Relevance of Region for Young Adults' Identity Development. European Journal of Personality, 30, 189-200. doi: 10.1002/per.2048